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CURVA™ Supplement for Success

CURVA™ is used as part of the nutritional component for most of our Zerona patients. There may be other needs that each of our patients may have to optimize their bodies response to the Zerona protocol and these are discussed during your initial consultation/examination.

CURVATM contains a unique blend of active ingredients designed to assist the body in removing and properly processing fat released during ZERONA® treatments. Once released, the fatty material is absorbed by lymphatic vessels and transported to local lymph nodes. From there, the material is released into the circulatory system so the debris can be safely processed by the liver.

Designed to ensure the lymphatic and circulatory systems and the liver are functioning at optimal levels, CURVATM possesses a natural blend of Niacin and Ginkgo Biloba. Niacin is a powerful oxidant that helps support the mitochondria by supporting the electron transport chain that is the major photochemical target of the ZERONA®. Ginkgo Biloba is a beneficial vasodilator that increases blood flow to the treatment area. Increased blood flow enhances the transportation of nutrients to the cell and promotes a stable, intracellular environment.

Other active ingredients in CURVATM

Along with natural Ginkgo Biloba and Niacin, CURVATM contains Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine to promote a healthy, stable immune system and support the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria so that fatty-acid oxidation can occur.

CURVATM Directions to be used with ZERONA® Protocol:

  • Take one CURVATM capsule twice daily (AM/PM) prior to meals
  • Begin taking one week prior to initiating ZERONA® treatments
  • Take CURVA throughout the two-week ZERONA® procedure
  • Continue taking for one week after ZERONA® procedure has ended

Of course a sensible diet is also recommended, specifically adequate water and fiber intake are essential for best results. We encourage patients to minimize caffeine and alcohol, and to avoid unnecessary sugar consumption. Whole fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean meats are also recommended.

We only prescribe pharmaceutical grade nutrition to our patients and do not recommend use of diet pills or other weight loss drugs during the Zerona protocol.